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Venture 101

Those that encounter risk are on the verge to discover success.

Welcome to Venture 101What is Venture 101My Mission and Goal

Welcome to Venture 101

The Venture 101 training courses will open your eyes to some powerful revelation of what an entrepreneur, business owner and leader really is. It will bring light to the path of the venture you're on or heading towards. You will learn important principals that most successful entrepreneurs and leaders follow. Most importantly, it will bring you clarity; an understanding that your venture is more than just a business; it’s a calling that you have been predestined to follow!

Venture 101 is an undertaking involving uncertainty as to the outcome; a risky and possibly dangerous undertaking. It is a business model in which something must be risked in the belief of a profit! In Venture 101 you will expose yourself to hazardous risk, you will venture your fortune, and venture your life! Venture 101 is only for the brave that can take on these dangers and risk, knowing that opposition and resistance are likely to follow; it is for those who can be bold enough and dare to undertake their venture that will taste success!

Dan Carey has put together some of his successful experiences and teachings about how to have complete business development, what it takes to become an earth shaking leader, organizational clarity within your business and more. Dan has compiled throughout his 12 years of his experiences and teachings of running successful businesses and investing into other entrepreneurs and their businesses and put this all into the Venture101 teachings.  



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